LA Marathon 2024

March 17, 2024

Please NOTE: Yes, race day is on St.Patrick's Day! Plan ahead, if you know what I mean ;-)

>>We need your help!<<

If you are interested in operating Net Control this year, and have the equipment, please send me an email. This will be a multiple operator assignment with at least 2-3 Hams operating in a tent at the finish line area.

Orientation/Credential Meeting Dates

#1 Saturday3/9/202412:30PM
#2 Wednesday3/13/20244:30PM

Both meetings will be at the Marathon warehouse
871 N. Figueroa Terrace, Los Angeles, 90012
Note - you do not need to attend both meetings. The same information will be covered at both.
Pick the meeting that works best for your schedule

NEW: Check-in to the weekly net on Saturday with questions and breaking news! (Details will be sent in email)